updated: 2019-05-16 19:01:21

A brief history of me…

I keep getting asked what I can do? The simple answer is always what do you want me to do?   I left school at 16 with a raft of GCSEs – fun fact I was in the first year of people to do GCSEs!  I went on to college and studied for 2 years, the qualification I took was the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Private Secretary’s Certificate, at the time it was the highest level of qualification you could take in full time education, there was a Private Secretary’s Diploma to move on to but that was through evening class only.   To gain this qualification I had to study shorthand, typewriting, audio typewriting, Communication: use of English and a low level of economics.  During the two years I padded it out with various RSA (Royal Society of Arts) and EMFEC (East Midlands Further Education Council) qualifications also in shorthand, typing, office procedures, audio transcription, word processed and computing.  A few years later I attended evening classes and gained the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business Services.  

At 18 I left college and joined the work force, I started as an audio typist, moved onwards and upwards through various companies and positions, including a year of doing temporary positions to gain lots of different experiences and finally when I relocated from Nottingham I left my job as PA to the Company Accountant at Gala Bingo.  At this point I had a range of qualifications and a range of skills.  We moved into Lincolnshire and I became pregnant and discovered that I was unable to get paid employment due to my ‘delicate condition’.  After the baby was born I started attending some Business Link courses with the intention of setting up in business providing secretarial services, and the rest is history.  

I have been in business now for 12 years, 2 years ago I became a Limited Company.  I have undertaken tasks such as audio typing for university research projects, managing the production of a book from arranging interviews to sourcing the printer, invoicing and credit control duties, typing reports and memoires from handwritten documents, uploading business cards and contact details into CRM, producing newsletters and my favourite task which is proofreading.  I’m such an avid reader and a perfectionist - I like nothing better than curling up with a report and looking for the errors and typos.

I’d like to invite you to have a chat to me about your pain points and see if I can provide you with a solution, if I can’t then, due to my extensive networking, I almost certainly know someone who can.  

That is what I do, can do, will do, have done.