updated: 2019-06-08 10:05:17

Many years ago, I was made redundant, the company was closing down and the management announced to the staff that everyone would be made redundant, they had sold the business to another company who didn’t want the site.  Almost immediately the managing director’s PA was moved out of her open plan cubicle and into one of the senior manager’s offices – which he was ousted from – so that she would be able to process all of the letters and deal with the negotiations and calculations required to ensure that everyone received what they were entitled to.  

Not everyone has this luxury, these days not everyone has a confidential PA or an available office that can be used for confidential work.

Since setting up my secretarial service, I have been asked to type and amend contracts of employment for firms that did not want a member of staff to see what other people were going to be earning, or indeed what their specific terms and conditions of employment were.  

The handling of sensitive information, if you don’t have an HR department is something that can be securely outsourced to a virtual assistant.  Ensure that their terms of business include a confidentiality clause and ask them to visit your premises to take the brief and then the work can be done off site.   Using tools such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google drive, word processing no longer needs to be done in-house and stored on a shared network.  It can be shared or emailed from a remote location and passwords can be used to protect the documents from being opened by the wrong person.   This gives a whole new level of confidentiality to your sensitive documents.