updated: 2019-05-31 08:38:44

Do you have a to do list?  I have two, I have a very long term list that includes things like ‘remove brick fireplace and replace’ and I have one for my business which is renewed every Sunday night ready for the next week.  Sometimes things move onto that one from the week before depending on how productive my week was.  I do have a third to do list sometimes, if I’m having a day when I need to do a lot of specific jobs that I have to complete that day I’ll write a list in the morning to keep me focused.  I don’t however have multiple lists hanging around for months on end and I don’t have lists telling me which list to focus on.  I have a final category of things that live in my calendar and never make it onto a list – things like ‘car insurance due next week check quotes’, I haven’t trusted the insurance companies for a long time now and I never renew automatically.

To do lists are a great tool if you use them properly.  Writing things down to focus your mind and perhaps work out the best order to accomplish what you need to do is very useful.  Writing things down and then forgetting all about it because it’s on a list doesn’t really accomplish anything.   It’s helpful then if someone else is holding you accountable for what happens on your list.  When you’re employed this is easy because the work to do list has to be done or your boss will have something to day.  When you’re self-employed this requires a little bit more discipline, tax returns are easy surely?  I mean there’s a deadline isn’t there?  And yet every year we all hear stories about the people that were fined for missing the deadline.   How about if there was someone to hold you accountable for your to do list, possibly even take away some of the smaller jobs and do them for you?  

Following conversations with fellow small business owners I’ve met through my networking, I have decided to offer a new service.  Lifestyle Management and Accountability is that service, I will help you with your to do list, speak to you once a week or once a month about how you’re getting on with your list and take away the little jobs you don’t have to do yourself.  Going away?  Let me sort out the tickets, the travel insurance, the hotel booking.  Car insurance due for renewal?  Let me go through the quote system and double check the prices for you.  It doesn’t even have to be business based items, what about your house insurance, what about quotes for a plumber, you don’t have to do everything yourself, you can leave it safely in my hands and know it will be done.  

For more details about my Lifestyle Management and Accountability service  https://www.dragonvirtualassistants.co.uk/lifestyle-management-and-accountability