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Hi, I’m Amanda and I provide Flaming Good Marketing Support.

If you’re wondering if that’s what you need right now then let me ask you – do you have great ideas that never quite get to the execution stage either due to time constraints or technical ability?  Yes?  Then I’ll tell you a little bit about what I do.

I have a passion for email marketing, the ROI on email marketing is somewhere in the region of £42 for every £1 spent, and emails are one of the most personal ways to communicate.  Email addresses are usually added to people’s devices which are in their hands most of the time!  It bypasses the social media algorithms and heads straight to the person you need to talk to.  In fact 99% of people admit to checking their email ‘at least’ once a day – probably more often if we’re being honest!

I design landing pages, lead magnets and automation sequences, as well as sign-up boxes and pop-ups to make signing up to hear from you really easy.  I also link everything to your website and your social media for a joined up marketing experience.

I can schedule social media posts, upload blogs to your website, videos to your YouTube channel and keep your membership sites looking their best.  I recommend grabbing the audio from your videos to make sure you have subtitles, and to add as blogs to your website so that your content can be consumed in many different ways, I can do this for you too.

I originally started working for myself as a VA in 2006, so I’m fairly well-established and reliable – otherwise I wouldn’t still be here so many years later!

Pop over to the services tab, there you’ll almost certainly find what you’re looking for and if you don’t then you can send me an email and ask, or book a call and we’ll talk through what it is you need.

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